You Are INVITED to...
The Annual Digital Marketing Agency Challenge

“Showcase Your Talents, Do Good, and Win $100,000”

Enter early and get ahead.

50 Digital Marketing Agencies and counting...
Get Media and Sponsorship Exposure
Get $1500 per Month for Adspend
Do Good by feeding hungry people
How it Works

Each Agency must Apply by filling out a form. You will then be contacted and those who qualify must first agree to all the Rules & Regulations before proceeding. The Challenge is broken into 2 Stages and Officially begins June 15th, 2020 and ends August 31, 2020. Agencies can sign-up anytime and Pre-Launch is June 1st so get in early and get a jump on the competition.   

Each qualified Agency receives $1,500 per Stage to cover Advertising. You may spend whatever you wish however we only cover $1,500. Minimum of 1,000 Children must be fed in Stage One to Advance to Stage Two of the Challenge.

A bonus (minimum $1,500) is provided in each Stage to those who hit/exceed minimums. An additional bonus (minimum $2,500) is provided to the Agency that feeds the most in any given Stage. 
At the conclusion of the Challenge the Agency that feeds the most will receive $100,000 with Second Prize $50,000 and Third Place $25,000  
A Message from the Founder of the RTG Group 

On behalf of the entire RTG Team I would like to Invite you to DMAC, a Program created to help Marketing Agencies showcase their skills by doing Good and Feeding Children. 

In times of crisis like we're experiencing now it's easy for businesses to fall into short-term thinking, in fact is natural. However leaders understand that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. We have an opportunity to band together to DO GOOD in an initiative built so that "everyone wins more than they put in" and I look forward to you joining myself and our incredible Team to truly make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Stay Safe & Always Remain Positive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DMAC?
DMAC stands for Digital Marketing Agency Challenge. RTG Group is trying to feed as many children as possible in North America through this challenge. Digital Marketing Agencies make it possible to bring the greatest number of people on board to feed children and make a difference. 
How long is the challenge?
The challenge officially runs from 15/06/2020 until 31/08/2020. Pre-launch is 01/06/2020
How can a digital marketing company get involved?
The first step is to fill the form then if selected they will be invited to be interviewed. The ones that are accepted can register. 
How is this different from other Fund Raising Programs?
This is a very unique program designed to ensure “everyone wins more than they put in” so rather than simply begging for money we make sure the person paying the $39.70 is going to save thousands of dollars every year on everyday purchases by providing them with a customized Mobile App that has Vendors in both Canada and the USA.
What company is eligible for the challenge? 
All Digital Marketing Agencies are eligible for the challenge however due to limited space we are not able to select everyone that applies.
Are there any fees for the challenge?
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