What is DMAC?
DMAC stands for Digital Marketing Agency Challenge. RTG Group is trying to feed as many children as possible in North America through this challenge. Digital Marketing Agencies make it possible to bring the greatest number of people on board to feed children and make a difference. 
How is this different from other Fund Raising Programs?
This is a very unique program designed to ensure “everyone wins more than they put in” so rather than simply begging for money we make sure the person paying the $39.70 is going to save thousands of dollars every year on everyday purchases by providing them with a customized Mobile App that has Vendors in both Canada and the USA.
How long is the challenge?
The challenge officially runs from 15/06/2020 until 31/08/2020. Pre-launch is 01/06/2020.
What company is eligible for the challenge? 
All Digital Marketing Agencies are eligible for the challenge however due to limited space we are not able to select everyone that applies.
How can a digital marketing company get involved? 
The first step is to fill the form then if selected they will be invited to be interviewed. The ones that are accepted can register. 
Are there any fees for the challenge?
When does the challenge take place?
June 15, 2020 to August 31, 2020.
When is the challenge registration deadline?
June 15, 2020.
What is the Advertising Budget companies receive to run the challenge? 
$1500 each month.
What is the minimum quantity to hit to continue the challenge? 
The minimum quantity to hit in Stage One is 1,000 and Stage 2 is 2,500.
What are the prizes?
Each Stage bonuses will be given to everyone who hits the minimum number plus a Special Bonus for the Company that feeds the most.
At the end of the Challenge, we will be giving out over $250,000 in Cash Prizes.
What is the impact?
Our goal is to be delivering 1,000,000 meals per Month to participating Charities in both Canada & the USA for feeding children.
What do you do with the donor information? 
Donor information is stored in a secure online platform and NEVER used or given to anyone else without written permission.
What percentage of the donation goes to the cause? 
100% of your donation (food) goes directly to the Charities and a Tax Receipt is provided by a Charity in your Country.
If I change my mind how do I get a refund?
There are no refunds however you may cancel your Monthly Subscription at any time, at which time the Discount Mobile App will become unusable.
How can I donate to honor or remember someone? 
It can not be done on our end however we would suggest you simply make that a public position from you.
Why should I give monthly?
The benefit of our program is that you will win more than you put in by using our Discount App...if you stop your payments the App is immediately canceled.
What can I expect after I donate to your cause?
We take all purchases and have the food Manufactured and then shipped to the Charities in your name. You receive the Tax Receipt from the Charity (once per year) and you’ll receive an email from RTG Group Inc. with instructions on how to download the App.
What are the short-term and long-term goals of this program?
We have a goal of producing 1,000,000 meals per Month...our long term goal is to END HUNGER in North America.
Where precisely does the food go?
To participating in Food Distribution Charities (Second Harvest, Breakfast Clubs, Feed America, Food Banks, etc...)
Can donors designate where their donations will be distributed?
No. Our Charity partners own and control the Food donated to them and ensure that the proper personnel and infrastructure exist for distribution. 
How are the charities selected that receive the products?
We only partner with organizations that have a demonstrated ability to work effectively with local governments and to get food to those with real needs.
How can someone confirm that the Food reaches children in need? 
You will receive a Tax Receipt from the Charity your food is shipped to and on the Charity websites, you can see where they are focusing their efforts.
What type of food do you provide?
We provide OPTIMEAL and each meal consists of a Cup of Oatmeal or Granola and 2 Bars and all food is Non-GMO and Organic.
What ingredients are in Optimeal?
Whole grain rolled oats, grains (barley, wheat), sesame seeds, quinoa, raisins, sunflower seed, honey, dried blueberries (blueberries, sugar, sunflower oil), brown flax seed, whey protein isolate, high oleic sunflower oil, coconut and maple syrup.
How was OptiMeal developed and what nutrients does it contain?
Optimeal contains many essential vitamins and minerals as well as high levels of fiber and protein. Optimeal was formulated by our naturopaths and doctors to help the hungry THRIVE, not just to help them scrape by.
How many meals are provided for $39.70?
You are purchasing 30 meals.
Can it be a one-time thing instead of monthly? 
Do the donors receive a tax receipt?
YES, it comes from the Charity that receives your food.
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